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2002-04-15 16:30:42 (UTC)


Email about my sunday!~

I can't believe I graduated!!! I am so super excited,
hehehe:) My Sunday went really good! I went and visited
Debbie and Denny, TJ's parents for a lil while. Then I
headed off to pick up Ashley adn we went to the mall
again:) We both ended up buying that shirt:) While we
were at the mall my Aunt Diana and Lindsey were there so we
saw them for a lil while. Lindseys new boyfriend was doing
that Ta Won Do stuff int he middle of the mall, so we
watched him do a neat demonstation. After that we went to
visit my Grandma and aunts for a little while:) They get
so excited when they get visitors, it's cute:)

After all this family time we headed back to M-town and
went to dinner. We got back kind of late so we had to head
straight to our meeting at 6:00pm. It was so nice that we
walked though so that was fun:) After our meeting we went
for a run down to the park, the FUN wooden one! Then we
played there for a while and walked back home! It was so
nice out I just couldn't stay inside even though i had
stuff to do, opps:) Then I came back and did a lil HW and
talked to Elizabeth and unpacked and all that fun crap:)