Pure Belligerence
2001-05-26 05:44:51 (UTC)

*Happy 69th entry to me!!!*

K hiiiii..... im really bored right now..... its 1:38 and
im really not wanting to go to bed. Tonight i cleaned my
room a little.... and when i say little i mean little. I
did some laundry and straitened up a bit but thats all.
Today in school mrs w wasnt there so we were really happy.
This guy, who is going to become a teacher, was subing. He
finally got us quite after awhile of trying.... and the
thing about my bio class is that we are either way too loud
or absolutely quite. Well, when de did get us to be quiet
3 minutes later he said to us ok guys.... you gave me 3
minutes of silence you can talk or do whatever now...just
keep it down. So hes a cool teacher.... and we had double
bio today so after e period we had lunch and then came back
for f and he said we had to work for 10 minutes and then we
could talk. Yeah! me and alicia checked our email in
class and i did her hair.... it was fun. See, mrs. w
literally makes us do worksheets 3 or 4 days every week for
the full period... and if we have double for a full double
period which is 110 minutes and its tourture. Ahhhh.