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2001-05-26 05:41:01 (UTC)

interesting interesting...

i was talking to my best friend steve the other day. He
has 'issues' with girls sometimes, i guess you could say.
He just tends to get himself in binds a lot. So one of
these binds is about to happen, and he was telling me about
it on the phone. This new girl who is apparently after him
is coming in town and wants to take a "you and me" kind of
trip. sounds very exclusive to me (even though steve sorta
isn't all taht exclusive himself). But he is
really 'skeptical' of the new girl. I asked why. He said
that she has problems. what kind? i quote steve "She gets
depressed every now and then and I can't handle people like
that. She is unstable and people can't put up with or
handle that"....
So steve, who on a side note is a VERY intelligent person
and very willing to help others, basically tells me that
people are reluctant and don't want to put up
with "unstable" people. He heard once that I myself am
messed up in the head, but I soon convinced him othewise
because I thought it was unnecessary for him to know. so
he delivered his unchanged opinion straight to my ear about
whether or not, for example, I could go to him and spill my
guts. This is ALWAYS what I have thought -- that telling
people makes the information a burden to them. whenever i
asked people if it would be, they said no, knowing that
that's 'what i would want' to hear.... and who am I to say
who is lying and who isn't? I am just sick and tired of
people saying "it's not a big deal, i'll help" when at the
same time i hear shit like i did in this phone conversation
with steve. EEEEEEk!!! in fact i feel bad for anyone
reading this garbage....
my mind is tired, i'll write later
bis bald

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