The Diary of Rebecca Kinser
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2001-05-26 03:45:33 (UTC)

Last Day of School

Dear Diary
Yesterday was the last day of school. It was kind of
fun, and at the same time it was kind of sad. I'm going to
just write you little on each period to make it easier for

1st period- Well, this period was really boring. We
had to stay here 1st through 3rd today because we had to
watch MY Fair Lady. Zack left to go to another class cuz
he's gifted and wanted to leave. I wanted to go but oh well.

4th period- This is the only period I have with Eric.
He acually talked to me. He hasnt all year,I must've really
made him mad. He had a purse under his seat that had a
keychain on it that said "P.M.S. Sucks" on it. I walked
over and asked if it was his. He picked it and goes "THIS
is mine!".....I dont think he saw the keychain.

5th period- I was in so many pictures my eyes were
hurting from the flash. In one pic. Lindsey was gonna take
a pic of me Angela and Katie. Omg,then Andrew came up to
me,put his arm around me and his face like a CM away from
mine. I used to like him,but then I stoped cuz he started
going out with Kelsey. BUt, when he did that I think I
squished. I go in a pic with Marc,...he told me to stand in
front of him,I turned around and asked him what he was
gonna do,he laughed,then KC stood next to me and he put
bunny ears onher instead, Hehehe. Andrew got in trouble,he
went to time out lol.

6th period Lunch- Well, Lunch was...interesting. I
didnt eat anything. I stood in line and bought Katie a
brownie's what happened in the lunch
line (JOY!)Ok...well...I was waiting in line ( told
us that already ..DER...get on with it) And Curt and Andrew
were waiting behind us. Curt was trying to get Joanna to
tell him who liked him. Curt pointed to me and says,"Her?"
Joanna told him it wasnt and Andrew says "No,she likes me!"
I"m thinkin....oh god. . Then he said, " I fugured it out
right when she asked me if I was still going out with
Kelsey." ...I couldn't beleive he remembered that! I was
kind of embarassed.

7th period- I watched Zack play cards all period...I
had soooo much fun ::rolls eyes::

8th period- More Pictures,Shaun and I flirted

9th period- The last period of the day. Kacey
started crying cuz it's her last year and she wont be
comming back. Andrew sat in the desk across from mine. Curt
sat on his desk,Johnny sat on mine,and Marc kneeled next to
both of ours. Wow...I had fun lol j/k. We just talked and
stuff. It was kewl.

THE HALLWAY ON THE WAY OUT- No one heard the bell,or
afternoon announcments. I finally got the courage to up and
say bye to Marc. I caught upto him in hall,tapped his
shoulder,he looked down at me,stoped dead in his tracks and
leaned over and hugged me. I wasnt expecting all that but
hey it worked for me.....I could hear Mrs.Kingsley
going,"awwwww," in a quiet voice.

THE BUS- On the bus no one was happy. Andrew looked
really bummed out. The only person happy on the bus was
Becky...Andrew looked like he wanted to cry...I felt bad. I
wanted to go over and hug him but I-I-I couldnt.

THE WALK HOME- When we got off the bus,it was
pouring down rain. Andrew started running for his house
right when we got off. I was thinking....oh much
for my plan of hugging him when I get off...I got the point
where I was right across the street from his house. Then I
saw a yellow shirt...and he walked out of his house and
starts yelling something at me. I couldnt hear him but on
the third try I made out the words. "I CANT BELEIVE ITS ALL
OVER." Thats what he said. Then he yelled,asking me if I
wanted to stay there until the rain stoped. I walked up his
driveway and explained that my mom was probably home. THen
I said, "NOw that I'm all soaking wet,can I have a hug?" He
smiled,now soaking wet from standing out in the rain
talking to me. Then he said. "Ya!" He gave me about a 20
sec. hug....I didnt think he was gonna let go. "Bye" I
said. Then I walked back down his driveway and I walked
home.....Yeah I know.....Squish.