Steva's Life
2002-04-15 10:11:53 (UTC)

6 am

Well.....its 6 o'clock in the morning and i'm sitting here
awake, I'm stuck on the london scedual. witch sucks.
But i figured i'd write stuff in here. I took my mother
to see shakespear abridged last night and she loved it she
was laughing so hard, she was afrade she was going to
hate it but turns out she adored it, But then i was
telling her before it that they pick one person to play
somthing in the second act and then another person too,
So during the intermission i was like well i have a deep
feeling that its going to be you mom, And guess what She
went up on stage! Its the funnist thing in the world! I
was dieing trying not to laugh so hard.
So i called jeff "yes yet again" and told him after the
show and he freeked out. He wants to get tickets for the
saturday that he's here so we can have mom picked again
lol Because it was the funnist thing in the world!
I'm also talking to my friend sandy Becuase she's in a
show in long island... "LI iced teas are gooooooooood" ""I
had one in london"" Well she's in a show and she wants me
to come but since i've never been out there i have no idea
about my way around.... so its like yikes... I mean if i
really put thought in to i could probly figure my way
around i just don't want to die trying to get there :'(
becuase that'd be sad... Well nothing muuch more
happening. Just the wait for jeffy coming.
I hope i'm able to go to matt's gig tonight... that is if
i sleep enough lol
Well i'm off to bed again...