My Life
2001-05-26 03:31:26 (UTC)


Well,Today is the day after I have gotten outta school for
the summer.And its already started off boring :|.
Few months back,my little sister got bird eggs form my
mom's bosses mother's farm. And brought them home with her
to our house,and called my uncle to bring an Encubater to
keep the eggs warm til they hatch.Well the eggs hatched
yesterday.Now we have little birds chirpping in a huge box
in the bathroom-agh very annoying!
Today I woke up around 11 and found my sister on the phone
talking to a friend of hers.She made the cheerleading squad
for the 7th grade. And had to go to a meeting at 1 to get
her uniform.I did'nt do much today.I got on the net for
awhile and talked to two friends of mine for alittle
while.And worked on my web site some.And I basicly talked
to Dan all day-hehe-:).Then I watched some TV,slept for
like 10 mins and hung around.How interesting I know..

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