Meshed Up
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2002-04-15 07:42:11 (UTC)

a basically bad day


listen to my cry of sheer pain and woe people!! i am pissed
off and frustrated!! why? because of school! school school
school school!! school is dangerous to one's health so we
must ban everybody from going to school!!!!

here's the deal. i am currently attending a college and am
hoping to get into melbourne uni law as well as media and
communications by july. i need a bloody 90% to get into
melbourne uni law. 85% for media and communications.

so what is wrong? i'll tell you what's wrong!

i gave an oral presentation today with some classmates and
the teacher was happy and said that we will most definitely
get a high mark. she said we should expect a mark at around
85%. EIGHTY-FIVE PERCENT?!?! what the fuck is that?! i want
a bloody 90% for crying out loud! 85% is not enough!!! i
want a 90%!! a 95% !! a 100% !!!!!!!

next thing! i got one of my exam papers back. 16.5 over 20!
a lousy 82.5% !!! eighty-two point five percent!!!!!

tomorrow i shall hand in my media essay...WHICH ALSO
SUCKS!! and i am expecting a grade of 70 something percent
because it bloody sucks!! goodbye law!!!! i am slowly
saying goodbye to you because i don't think i can make it
to melbourne uni law!

what's worse is that my bloody parents... have
applied for australian permanent residency! and you know
what i need to be able to get into melb uni law if my
parents are PRs?! a 99.85% AVERAGE!!!!!!!! FUUUCK!!!!!!!
why why why?!?! why do they want to be fucking australian
prs anyway when i have been in melb for LESS THAN A YEAR?!
fuck fuck fuck fuck!!!

things are not going my way today! i've found out that the
laundry room will be closed tomorrow due to some fucking
construction works and i do my laundry every tuesday!! i
can't do my laundry tomorrow anymore because of that bloody

i have to do a debate as well tomorrow! and i havne't
prepared a thing because of all these other requirements
that i have to do!!!

i have to create a bloody adventure game on the computer
and i hate it!!! i also have to make another fucking
research essay! and a drama presentation!!! i have to
submit my applications to all the different bloody
universities!!! and the library sent me an email saying
that i should return a book because it's overdue when in

my love is media and communications! but the thing is, i
want to get into law to prove so many people wrong! show
them that i can get into law! and also some other people
are also expecting me to get into law! AND I WANT TO GET

if i don't get into law, i don't fail them. i fail myself!
and i fucking hate failing myself because i bloody fail
myself all the time!!!!!

excuse me while i explode!!! i shall go now and burn the
college down!!!!!!

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