a rop through my mind....
2002-04-15 05:29:28 (UTC)


well, i woke up to a rather loud thud, like the sound of
somebody running into a wall at full speed, well it woke me
up i didn't exactly wake up to it, wait, scratch that, the
two statements are pretty much the same, anyway......i use
too many commas, sorry. ok, now back on track, seems like
people actually read this, which is cool (thanks ari :) )
cuz the point of this was to more or less give people a
general idea of what was going on in my life....which
brings us to today....well after sleeping in for a
bit...though it was earlier than ususal, gabe and i went to
prospect park (a fairly large park that overlooks troy) for
awhile to just be outside, it was like 70 out and mostly
sunny, so we set up a blanket and we both read (me my lin
alg text book, him an exalted book) though i sorta ened up
just half people watching, but it's all good :) it was
really nice....and i was subsaquently in a good mood for
the rest of the day :) still am, yes things are actually
going fairly well for me at this point :)

on a side note: SKI CLUB NEEDS OFFICERS! so if you go to
sage and you're interested in being one, let me know...

for those of you in NH, i'm definatly going to be home this
friday, and leaving on sunday, so yeah....

this summer will be fairly interesting, troy now feels like
home, and home as in bristol NH, feels less like my home
now, and more like just the place where i grew up, yes the
same thing was sorta in effect last summer, but i think
i've also gained somewhat of a greater degree of
independance, and living at home won't be the most fun
thing to do. i might be forced to either go apartment
shopping in NH when i get back if things don't work too
well, or maybe board at the house or something. i'm not
sure what i'm going to do yet, so all of this is just being
tossed around in my head, don't take any of it too too
seriously. i don't know, but i know winter break was too
long and that was only a month not like early/mid may to
september 3rd or rather 2nd cuz i think classes start on
the 3rd. though if i stayed out here over the summer, i
should get a bank acount out here...or a bank that has a
branch out here, or something along those lines...yeah. i
have no clue what i am going to do, so bear with me, there
are other issues too, like if i lived at the house, that'd
basically be like living with gabe, i mean i already spend
weekends there, but full time is different, like more
serious, well that just made me sound dumb, but whatever.
there's just a lot to think about here and if i lived
anywhere but with the 'rents i wouldn't be able to save
that much money, which would be nice to do, but living on
my own might be worth it. grrrr, i just wish i had it all
figured out, but i don't. *sigh*

ok, i think too much when i want to go to sleep, the above
was part of what was keeping me awake when i woke up and
tried to go back to sleep a while ago. ech, oh well, this
is turning into quite possalby my longest entry, yup, i
dont' usually write all that much, and if something is
long, i prolly ended up quoting something, prolly a song,
songs are good to quote from....yeah, stuff....incidently i
think michelle is spending too much time at the house, she
called the remote "box" (as they do all the time, al
la "who's got box?") in her room with just liz and i there,
she corrected herself but still....yeah....and they say i'm
turning into a frat boy pffft. yeah....damnit! not sure
why the damnit but it seemed to i think
i'm gonna stop the mindless babble right now before you
decide that this is too long to read all of,
later ppl,