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2002-04-15 04:29:42 (UTC)


Jd Is still fighting with me.I HATE this I really HATE
this.It makes me feel so bad cuz I really Love him. He's
been acting really stupid with me I asked him to hold on
cuz my mom was calling me and he said "no" so I put the
phone down and when I came bak he had already hung up the
phone. I hate when he dose that. The He asked me to hold on
and I said "no" then He said "well we'll see if you still
on the phone when I get back on" and I said"no we wont cuz
I'm hanging up" then I hung up. I took him 15 minutes to
call me back.Why dose he have to do this to me. I know he
Loves me cuz he tells me and he shows it. I really don't
know whats happen to him Lately. He never acts like this I
hope If passes quick.I hate the feeling of us being mad at
each other.