lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-04-15 04:07:28 (UTC)

bday presents

ok, so if you want to know what to get my for my birthday,
write me something nice like bobby. it means a heck of a
lot more than a gift basket from bath & body works. i like
to call this the "ode to straight edge girls"

It’s not the clothes that make the person
It’s not the makeup either
It’s not even the homie talk
Its you that makes you the person we love

The friend who drops her problems to help me with mine
The sister who is trying to her best to be a role model
The daughter that can be rebellious
But tries her best on being a good daughter

The one thing that stands out
From all the rest
She doesn’t do the things that other teenagers have gotten
She goes about her business
Worships God, stays away from the drugs
Doesn’t give in to the temptations of the world as easily
as some
I’m in awe on how well she can resist temptation
I respect
I wish I could be that strong

I’m not
So I’m glad I know her
That I’m friends with her
She keeps me in check
I love her for that

Lindsay YOU ROCK!!!

(in case you didn't get it, bobby wrote that..haha)