lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-04-15 04:02:20 (UTC)

ohhhh man

ok so ONCE again my parents were bugging me about a bday
thing. at this point i really, really don't want to do
anything. but my parents are totally insistent upon it,
and i asked, "why is it such a big deal to you if it's not
a big deal to me?"

and my dad said, "maybe the fact that your mom's parents
forgot her 16th birthday has colored her thinking." i
just heard this whole story of how they didn't remember
until that night and they didn't have any stuff to give her
or a party or anything...she said it was almost exactly
like "16 candles"...awww. except probably a lot less of
the sex stuff. but anyway, i thought that was really sad!!