lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-04-15 03:45:09 (UTC)

geek weekend

i just need to remind you guys that i'm a's
what i did this weekend.

friday, i stayed at home, trying to figure out what i was
going to do with my friends...and at 8:30 we decided to do
nothing, so that was cute. but marisa came by in the
middle of that and brought me flowers so i felt really
sprecious. and then i wrote half my research paper cuz i
was on a freakin' roll and it's pretty good.

saturday, i woke up when my alarm went off, looked out the
window and saw that kristen had just driven up. basically i just changed really quickly &
left. we talked to annika about them moving, and she's
sooo chill and mature about it, it's awesome.

then kristen took me to her house, and we waited for meg to
get home, but then meg had to go somewhere else so i only
talked to her for like ten minutes but she's my friend so
yeah. and then k & i went to CFS and annika's bball game.
then i went home and then i drove my family to my bro's
bball game and watched it and then drove my dad & brian &
david rowe home (twice)...weird kids, i tell ya.

then i finished my homework, thinking someone might call me
with details about activities. guess not. luckily, i got
a call from marisa & had to counsel her (haha not really,
more like ridicule her) through the dave/tim tims
experience. ahh let's pray i never become friends with a
guy named tim because i just always have this urge to call
tims "tim tims" or "timmy tim timster"...haha whoa.

then kari dropped by at 10:30...she's so cute. we watched
volcano and part of mad tv, but it was really gay so she
left. i got online then & talked to marisa some more, and
went to bed at 1:30.

went to church today, had to be there at 8 with my dad so i
brushed my teeth & put on makeup at church. i'm a weird
kid. my bro got my purse stuck in a tree (dar dar dar) but
then we went to lunch at topper's. hahahaha that in itself
is a big funny joke to me. ok enough.

then i came home, did the rest of my homework that
i'd forgotten about(including reading the psychopath
flannery o'connor story...britt did you READ that??)...
and then i was feeling tired & gross so i got into bed at
3:15 and was lying there praying and i guess i fell asleep,
cuz next thing i knew, it was 8 pm. ahh it was nasty. i
like sleeping in, but sleeping in the middle of the day
makes me feel disgusting!!!

yeah so that was my weekend. geekfest. hang out with me
sometime. or not.