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2001-05-26 01:41:58 (UTC)

Well. it has been a long week..

Well. it has been a long week since I wrote in here last.
The night with Anna went well, we watched a movie called
Chocolate. it was great!!! Inspirational- we wanted to eat
chocolate so we went to Moxie's for their white chocolate
brownie. then we went for a long walk. I think that we
almost could have had a moment. and we did- we shared
alot with each other- and our families are very similar- in
the fact that we have both realized that we have not been
living out the gospel to each other and have decided to
change that. so that was god- we had a great walk- it
melled great- we made plans to go rollar blading together.
hen we watched Gladiator- that is a GReAT movie. I love it.
So Tuesday- Jon called- and I asked him to wings with tima
dn Juanita- but he was praciticing with his OTher band- I am
not "hurt" I know that he is better off - and it doens't
mean the end- it was just a lot of fiubn- we would never
have made it anywhere with just the three of us anyway- but
for one year- almost- we were a band. so I was just
sitting around and Tim and Juanita show up- just because I
mentioned to Tim that he could not see the house until it
was completely done! Jerk. we went mini golfing and then dad
and I finished the floor. On Wednesday I talked to Lin-
she is trying to get me a job- I guess. We were talking
about when her showers were and I wanted to be there for a
few and one of them was the day after buffalo- so I could
very easily just stay in Manitoba on the way back. I think
that I might- and stay there for the summer. Anyway- I went
for wings with Juanita and Tim that night- and saw Jon's
roomates- hee hee- and others from Bethany- crazy times-
then we went to walk by the river- and stopped off at
Karina's appartment- guess who was there- well Jason of
course and Karina, and Naomi, and JOlly, and Bernard, and
Bushman!!! Wow- that was cool- I did not expect them at
all. so that as very fun. the I went home- and Thursday
mornigtalkied to Lin again about the job and- asked her to
find out if there was one- and she had already talked to
Dave about it and was in the process of getting me an
interview over the phone- but we can't get too excited. I
would live in their basemsent and for free if I help them
renovate the plave. Everywhere I go I renovate so--- that
difference does it make. it is ideal because then I would be
around for all the weddings that I want to go too= and I am
sure that I can get up to Beechy for Neysa's expecially
because I will have money because I wwill be working- and I
can spend time with Lin- before she is married off to him
forever- and she would lvoe that and so would I. sobecasue
I am stupid and don'e want to leave Saskatoon because
of a stupid boy- I will miss out on perhaps my destiny. I
need a summer away- again- to put life in perspective
perhaps. besides mom and dad are driving me crazy
with their lack of rush on thesse renovations. I could come
home for a week after the wedding in beechy- but what oaubt
work. what about work in the fall? I will have 5 day's
before september when I get back. ah well- no worries it
will work out- it alway's does. go where the money is
honey. Thursday night mom and I went shpoppng for carpet
after a late supper. Friday-TODAY!! I went to Brenda's to
help her aint. I painted 5 hours- and hopefully IU will get
more hours in the next few day's /weeks- she is re-doig her
deck so there will be more!! yeah money. reminder- to self-
call the housing authority in hepburn to get your money from
them for the service charge they said that they would pay!!-
Tongiht- it is to bed for me- or to guitar at least- I need
to just relax and get some sleep.

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