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2002-04-15 03:26:47 (UTC)

good day

Today was a great day. I dunno if anyone out there likes
to sleep, But i was in a desperate mood to sleep and did.
13 hours of sleep and i woke up feeling great. I don't
think i have EVER work up feeling that good in my life. I
hung around my house and got online. A friend of mine told
me about Third eye blind, and told me i should checl them
out. Well i did and i evenutally bought the cd today. The
self titled one. Amazing let me tell you. If you don't
have it, I Highly recommend it. 'Narcolepsy', 'the
background' motercycle driveby' Such amazing snogs. Work
was even good today. I dunno why it turned out to be such
a good day. My dad will be home tomorrow. i might also go
see Resident Evil tomorrow as well. Heard it was good.
Good night