faiien angei

a day in the life...
2002-04-15 03:24:34 (UTC)

you ask me how to cure your headache, use a gun

tif is going to drive me insane. i think morgan is
right...i do just need to severe ties with her.

i told her about my evening last night and how morgan and i
ended up at the rainbow and she got all pissed that i didnt
invite her...she told me a)that she was going out with
phoenix and b) she had no desire to go out to the rainbow
or anything along those lines anymore

so why would i invite her? she just likes to get pissed for
the sake of getting pissed...i've been done for so
long...but always feel obligated to hang out with her...i
just need to get over this insecurity that i wont be able
to find other friends...
i just want jason to come back.
it was so weird...i was at the store today buying food, and
all i could think about is how happy i'll be when he gets
back...and how i want to cook him dinner and take care of
god, what is my problem? lol
it's his birthday tomorrow...i want to call him, but have
no way of getting in touch with him. this sucks. i miss him.