I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-04-15 03:00:38 (UTC)

Sick as balls

Okay, I don't know how sick balls get, but I'm beyond it
so deal with it. I have a cold, and it makes my eyes hurt
and my ears itch and my throat sore. Plus, I was on my
feet all day long answering the same damn question over
and over again ("How many square feet in this
house? "4000"). Plus, it was rainy and stormy today and it
would have been a perfect day to spend in bed reading the
20 or so library books that I checked out stupidly
thinking that I'd have time to read them all. I have a
speech do on Tuesday and I haven't even started. I know,
and it's gonna be Monday in a few hours. I have a paper
due too, well, overdue that I haven't done yet either.
*sigh* I miss nikki. A lot. And pete. Life sucks. Thank
God I have Chris. I love that boy. He makes me smile. Yup.
I don't feel good. I'm gonna head to bed soon. Aye-up.


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