What's up now?
2002-04-15 02:06:11 (UTC)

2 weeks and some finals.....

Ahhh what a's soon to be over, and I cant
wait till the next weekend to get here!! This weekend was
pretty damn good...Friday Erika and I went to go get Trish
from AA...It was a nice drive down and back, the girls and
I got to chill for a bit and catch up...BUT then as we were
getting all excited to go to tasty twist, MY CAR BREAKS
DOWN!!! How shitty is that! So anyways, we called J and
he and the boys came to save the day, of course Brian was
with them, and I was scared shitless to see him, but it
ended up okay...Then we got dropped off back at erikas
(brian and I talked some) and we were off to a rocky start
from there...I wanted to go party with brian J and Jake,
erika didnt want to and was in a really bad mood, and trish
just didnt care...sooo...we ended up going out with Mike
and the gang and were off to a good start of getting happy,
when we get a phone call from the boys saying they were at
the SAME party as us :) SO all in all, we eash ended up
happy...Brian and I got a chance to talk, J and trish I
guess yelled at eachother some(so I hear) and brians
friends got pissed, erika said she had a good time too, so
that was nice to know :) And all of this was done in the
alley, behind the party we were supossedly going to be
going to...haha funny eh? SO saturday my mom and dad took
me shopping for some new showes and a new purse and erin
and mary met me there!! SO that was fun :) We shopped all
day then hung out all night! It was GREAT :) I love
hanging out with them...Too bad I had to poop out at 10(I
was up till 7 the morning before and was going on 3 hrs of
sleep) so brian came over, we got a chance to talk some
more, decided what we were doing was right and it was great
to hang out with my best friend again!! Actually all
weekend was filled with good friend and tons of fun! I
LOOVED IT!!! Erin and i watched some karate shit at the
mall today and I got to meet a ton of her family members,
and NOW....I'm back...doing nothing...This good weather
makes me feel VERY unmotivated...but all I need to keep in
mind is that I ONLY have 2 weeks of class left and a weeks
of finals and I'll be DONE!!! For 4 months my brain can
rest! YIPPPEEE!!! Happy studying everyone :) Have a good
weeks :) Looks like its gonna be a HOT one...YES!!!