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2001-05-26 00:55:56 (UTC)

missed by superstition

how is it that i always end up on the 13th floor? yeah
, the one no one ever puts on the blueprints say to
i waded into a beautiful land of waters.into a sweet river
of heavenly clarity, with no intrusions
are my salt legs to heavy for swimming here? i didnt see
any signs posted..... maybe it will be ok?! i did learn how
to swim last year ...good timing i think i had tired of
just holding my head above the water...swimming in these
waters only the occasional wave ahh refreshing . almost as
good as fresh air.
now that i think about it, my lungs feel bigger , my legs
feel stronger my mind is no longer as cumbersome in it's
havey suitcase as it was in the past
can i acheive weightlessness here in these waters? i do
i am on that road