my pathetic life
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2002-04-15 01:12:12 (UTC)

kinda a bust of a weekend

well friday i didnt have any plans to do anything cuz i was
doing something on saturday but my friend called me and
asked me if i wanted to go to the providence h.s. battle of
the bands. her other friends that she was going to go with
wernt home and she couldnt get in touch with them so i
went. cuz i wasnt doing anything and as a favor. we got
there kinda late but i think that was a good thing, i didnt
like the bands that played except walsham. the bands wernt
bad just un original and boring. there was a lot of very
hott guys there though. i also saw some of the ass holes
from the twothirtyeight show there. i wrote about them in a
old entry. it wasnt good i looked over and there they were
and all those bad feeling i had that night about a month
ago came back and i was about to go over there and rip
their heads off. i think one of them reconized me cuz when
i looked at him he had that "i no u from somewhere look" on
his face. ooo i was so mad. i guess they go to school there
and if i end up going there next year and theyre there its
not gona be pretty.

well saturday i was soo excited my favorite local band, ten
missing days, was playing. i have only missed 3 of there
shows and i had just missed one 2 weeks ago cuz i was out
of town. well we get there and go to pay to get in and the
guy says "i need to see some id, if u got no id u cant come
in". well i didnt no i needed id and neither did about 20
other people. well i went and sat outside with my friends
and i was literaly on the verge of tears. well we called
one of my friends mom and her boyfriend ended up calling
the manager of the place. to get in my friends mom needed
to drive down there and tell the door man it was ok for us
to be there. well the show was supposed to start at 10,
they pushed it back till 10:30 to give time to the kinds
who went home to get id. her mom came at about 10:45 ten
missing days was already playing and i could hear it from
outside and i was really upset. they were supposed to play
a 45min set so i was feeling ok when we got in. we got it
and were in there for ONE SONG and they started to pack up.
u ppl must understand that i love this band so i was soo
pissed off and really sad. the second band sucked so we
left early and sat outside and sang ten missing days songs
in atempt to make me feel better.