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2002-04-15 01:05:16 (UTC)


My name is Abby. I'm 14 years old and I live in Worcester,
MA which is a stupid little place in Centrul Masschuttes. I
really hate it. Last summer at camp I met a boy named
Elliot " Chipmunk" Sion. He lives in New York City, on the
East Side ( East 79th to be excet) He is a Mets Fan. He
however doesn't I know I exsist. I saw him each day in my
class at camp. ( there were only 10 people) He is about 4'5
or 4'4 and weighs about 160-180 lbs.( just a guess) However
I think he is VERY cute! He has beaufutiful olive skin, and
big shining brown eyes. How ever I'm an not his type. He
like tall girls,( he date a tall 5'6 girl skinny, pretty,
blond hair) and everyone knew he had a crush on a girl who
was Tall 5'8 REALLY SKIN, but brown hair and glasses) I on
the other hand I'm 4'11 weight 60 Kilos. ( I weigh my selve
in Kilos cuz then I'm skinner) Okay I weight 137.9 which is
a lot, but I don't look that fat cuz my weight go to my
chest ( a little bit) , my butt, my arms, and my thighs but
besides this I have green eyes, cream skin, and I wear

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