My World
2002-04-15 01:00:41 (UTC)

Last Night

Last Knight I was talking to Jd, then he started asking
about my past realationships. Which I really don't think he
should know about(if I'm wrong someone tell me). I love him
and I know that I don't like hearing about who he slept
with or who his last girlfriends where. That's why I hate
telling him things like that. We are pretty honest with
each other, we talk about everything. He then told me He
felt like we don't talk anymore. I don't know where he got
that from because I think we talk alot. All this was
getting me kind of mad. And I don't like talking to him
while I'm mad because I start yelling them I feel bad cuz I
take it out on him when I shouldn't. Then he asked how it
feels when we make love,And I told him it feels better than
anything in the world to be but I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU (
which I Shouldn't have said)Then he said you just made me
feel so stupid by saying that. Then I asked Why, he said
because thats the way it feels to me. Then I said well when
we talk about it, It sure dosen't sound like it. Then he
said well its because I'm a guy and I don't always think
befor I say something.Which is a STUPID excusse for him to
use, but then he told me that when we make love the whole
world could be burning down and he wouldn't care cuz he
with me. Then I thought AWWWW he's so cute.Then we made
UP :-D