1 day in a life as it dies
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2002-04-15 00:48:16 (UTC)

the slave works again

I am a slave to my family plain and simple and I get
treated like one, well last night I was suppost to cook
dinner for them they can while they went out they were 2
hours late and I didnt know they would be so dinner was
cold by then so they had to wait while I heated it up they
yelled and complained but that was about it till my mom
came home today and found out that the house wasnt cleaned
and my bros car was still dirty (I was to wash it) so the
punishment started I am not going into detail in this thing
I dont think I should I dont even know why I am saying this
well sometime in about the middle of it they got on my
messengers and Rosie IMed what she thought was me, they
told her that it wasnt me and I was being punished and
where most people drop it and dont IM the person anymore
good old Rosie gets in a fight with them so now all
tomorrow I am going to be back in punishment for what she
said to them