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2002-04-15 00:02:02 (UTC)

i guess i was thinking of area codes.

"id rather not deal with that right now"

id rather be floating in space...

i was at a loss for words.
the one who speaks her mind.
my mind isnt even functioning.
and its giving me mixed signals.
as with everything else.
a yes a no
its not like that anymore.
theres this hazy gray line
between right and wrong.
and all i can do is what i think is right
"decide on what you think is right and stick to it"
i just want peace.
jello stuffed tears
for a lack of substance.
a chance gleaming with words.
words and more of them.
filling the space between us
which has grown out of time
this time.
in this place.
and in this situation.
tomorrow seems ages from today
and yesturday seems like so long ago.
the numbing is bliss now.
its not a bad thing.
its home.
i was home today.
i was home in her arms.
and home when the cramps hurt.
home inside of her.
and home underneath all of the anger.
green is beautiful.
and the songs stuck in my head.
now i have clouds in my dreams.
where distrust and uncertainty once were.
there is no doubt
there is no for sure.
but, somehow somewhere in there
weve made ourselves a little cocoon
of chocolate at six am
and moving couches
and sunburns.
bagels and marble slab.
of never looking back
just forward.
an end to this chapter and
more faith than anything in the next.
i couldnt write it all down..
i wont try to say how it will
but i know somehow.
it will work. itself. out.
we will work ourselves out.
and our coffee shop dreams
will someday be a reality.
and the walls will be green.
with pink coffee cups.
and very large ashtrays.
which are never wet.
i will never be alone again.
because...ive made my home.
in and with.