a little piece of me
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2002-04-14 23:38:02 (UTC)

aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! they're hear!!!!!!!!

two little baby birdies hatched today!!!! there are still
2 to go, which should had between now and tomorrow
morning! i'm so happy!!! they are so cute and tiny.
their beaks are so small! they have a few feathers, and
their eyes are still closed. i got to watch one of them
hatching. epyon (daddy) was carefully picking away the egg
shell and gently pulling the baby to help it out. it was
so sweet! they are so tiny! he's been guarding the next
like crazy. he attacked elysian when she flew by lol.
he's been sitting on them and helping them all day. how
cute is that??? i'm sorry, i'm just so excited...something
or other had happened to the other eggs...i think the car
trips hurt the last bunch. i took the eggs out and opened
them...3 were just yolk but 2 had way underdeveloped (dead)
babies in them. i feel so guilty, but at least the others
are ok. i can't wait for them to start cheeping. it's
gonna break my heart! i'll just melt! i have to tell my
orn. teacher about this tomorrow.

ok, wow. i almost cried while watching epyon helping the
baby out. it's such an amazing thing to watch. guess
kinda like watching a human being born, but not really.
the whole miracle of life thing is the same, though. to
think, something that small and tiny will be grown up in 3
weeks. it's amazing. wow. ok, i'm going to go watch them
for a little longer. i was just so excited i had to get
this down right away.


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