2001-05-25 23:35:36 (UTC)

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." -George Bernard Shaw

Right...well the other day, i had to pick my step-dad's
aunt and her husband up from Whiterock (A long drive from
Langley). So I asked Elisse if she wanted to go with me and
she said yes. So yeah we drove there and whatnot and the
old lady whos place they were at was telling this story
about her groundbreaking formula for super-absorbant
diapers and whatnot and she said she doesn't get the
internet because Pampers knows that she has that formula
and she is affraid that they will hack her computer and
steal, seriously! She also said that she has tons
of money in a bank account in Hong Kong.. I swear! She
actually said this! I thought people like this only existed
in movies...PAMPERS! we laughed and whatnot and
drove the old people back and then i went to drop her off
and outside her house, she gave me a hug and then tried to
kiss me but it totally surprised me so, of course, it
didn't work out but before I could re-try, she was already
out of the van...I didn't wanna look stupid so all I could
do was wave and drive away...

blah so last night we had this movie thing planned: We were
gonna watch Mallrats at my house. and she invited
Bryan...blah...didn't care too much so anyways at the last
minute, my step-dad decides to be himself and says that
there are too many people in the house this
isn't a small house, not big mind you but not small enough
to call 3 other people "too many people"...I planned his
death again that that sucked and then her and
Bryan came to my house on roller blades and I ended up
going with them on my bike...I really wanted to be with
her...i dunno...she takes a lot out of me...this sounds
really fucked up...i risk (risk?) looking like something
that doesn't look too good...anyways blah so we went around
and whatnot and then went back to my place because it was
the closest...she said she was gonna be on ICQ later but I
didn't see her on...i dunno...i don't know why but i send
her message saying that she fucks me up...i knew it was a
mistake as soon as i sent also violates my general
rule that all serious conversations should take place in
person or if absolutely neccessary, on the phone...but i
didn't get much sleep last night...

today I woke up at 10 to 6...this is EARLY for
me...couldn't get back to sleep so I thought I might as
well go to school...I got there and I lied down in the
upper-foyer and fell woken up by the bell and
really hurt my knee getting up...first block, I had a
substitute for spanish and she was a nazi so and so...that
takes too much explaining to just take my word for it. then
the next two blocks, i had spares...I LOVE having 2 a i got the van from my mom and went driving with
Ryan...we went to the slaugherhouse (refer to previous
entries for explanation) and floored it down that
road...lots of felt like a roller coaster; just
pumped the adrenaline (gawd, how do u spell that?). Also, I
got the van sideways for the first time on a gravel
road...felt awsome...right around the corner. So at lunch I
went back to the school and picked up Bryan, Jordyn and
Erin (Why do all my friend's names rhyme?) and we went back
to the dirt road, got it sideways again and then down the
slaughterhouse road where, at the bottom of the last hill,
I bottomed the van out hit the bottom, bounced
up and hit bottom again...I slammed on the brakes and
pulled over for a look...the only damage that I noticed was
the bottom of the plastic (it is a 97 plymouth voyager)
bumper was scraped a bit and the exhaust was a bit
dented...don't know if the exhaust was me though...These
roads are all pretty much back roads and rarely used but I
still feel bad for doing something like that with my
friends in the car...never again...

anyways, went to last block...pretty much uneventful from
there...oh yeah, talked to Elisse on ICQ...she dind't
mention anything so i didn't remind her...blah...and that
brings us to now...damn that's a long post...