*~*My Diary*~*
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2002-04-14 23:28:18 (UTC)

Typical sunday afternoonq

Well...another boring afternoon. But thats just sundays 4
ya. Mostly i just went to church, then to the foodcourt at
southpointe...and then to the mall to go look at stuff for
my room. didn't buy much, a necklace from the buckle and a
bracelet from claire's. My teencourt date is tommarrow and
i don't want to think about it until the very last minute,
i'm scared!! It seems as though i fucked up once REALLY
badly and now i have had to dwell on it from February to
July. I got a chance to talk to my dad today while we were
working on the garden in the backyard. Its not just anytime
that i actually talk to my parents about nething important
besides asking them for something or asking to go
somewhere. I can't believe how the weather was soo nice
today. Friday its gonna be back to the 50's so i'm going to
take advantage of this nice weather while i can. I think
i'm gonna go take a nap, i've worn myself out for the day.