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2001-05-25 23:26:26 (UTC)

im never going to know you now but im going to love you anyhow

its amazing what elliot smith, a blanket, and a rainstorm
does to you. its a strange sensation to be taken over by
someone elses much that you actual feel your own
emotions laced with theirs. is music supposed to do that? or
is it only a selct few who actually feel the power behind
lyrics? i feel like a dork but oh well.

feeling a little bit better than yesterday. i dont even want
to read yesterdays entry cause i know it was pathetic. i
felt pathetic when i wrote it so im kinda embarrased to go
back and relive it. i feel like crap tonight, dont feel like
doing anything. i have time to take a nap before i go
anywhere but being out in the paths of society just isn't
going over well right now with my mood. i think ill watch
resevior dogs and umm let go of some ot this innerangst. i
feel exactly like the weather outside. i love a good
rainstorm and im kinda pissed its not pouring anymore. i
love to watch the rain just hit the pavement...there is
something melodic about it.

is it just me or do plans not set in stone bother everyone
else? its probably one of my biggest pet peeves. i like
organization admist my own choas. hard to believe isnt it?
i've decided i wont ramble about anything tonight out of
fear of embarrasment. i should work on my site somemore and
take down those "coming soon" graphics on almost every
pages...i've been threated with an "or else" who the fuck
knows what that means...heh. but im not feelin the being
productive vibe tonight. im blah the weather is blah and i
have nothing mind shattering to say. i dont think i ever do.