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2002-04-14 19:52:46 (UTC)

PaNiC RoOm and The Alley!

well last night was fun. well as fun goes me and a friend
went out . to seee a movie. well waht actually happpened was
that she was going to go out on a date with this guy who she
gone out with once and he was going to bring a friend that
was visiting from LA. so she asked me if i wanted to go , i
thi nk she did feel conftroble going then, am sure she woul
have gone anyways, bu the point is that seh asked me if i
wanted to go, i said yes i really did nt want to stay on
campus so i said yes then i rembered that i was supposed to
get drunk with gillian and alix, ( oh well) anyways it was
ok, i really liked the night because i didnt have to pay for
anything, movie and drinks after the movie at a bar were all
free. i thought that was nice. so it was all good,

hmmm am going to have to go talk to alix i think am going to
email her some shitty lie, that i went and we were supposed
to come home earlywe were just going to the movies and dinner
i was suposed t be back by 9 30 ish but sarah and her date
desided other wise, hmmmm

yeah i think thats good, all we were going to do in her room
was get drunk anyways
whats the fun of drunk girls and i know that both get all
weird when they drink alix has low self esteeem and when she
is drunk all she talks about is how ugly she whish she isnt i
have seen uglier so. its no fun having t be constantly( by
this i mean all the time) tellingher she looks fine, oh and
her boyfriend just dumped her, it not like she was alone,
gillian was with herso its not like i ditched her and hse was
all alone by herself.

well anyways it was nice last night it wasnt gresat fun like
party fun but it was ok free drinks anda movie i was
content, :)

oh today is room draw we get to pick what room we wan tfor
next yearwhat a hassle. i wish i had my room i have my own
bath room an d shower and tub its nice. :(
but i cant.

hmmm food sucked at brunch am hungry. . think its funny how
almost everytime i write i do so when am hungry and i always
mention it. lol

well amm tired of typing i think this is more than enoght so
am going to stop

Tata *_*