Queen Bee

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2002-04-14 19:42:21 (UTC)

Hey all.

Last night, my house was like the battle ground for
everything between lips and red. cuz those two just
absolutley hate each other and so they come to my house,
well red comes to my house and they start the goddamn
fighting and then im stuck in the middle. i have to listen
to red bitch about lips and lips bitch about red and then
red comes to me and asks me to tell my brother she wants to
talk to him, its not very hard to walk down steps and say
hey t.bear i want to talk to you, no i have to do it
because i am everyones bitch and they're feet are painted
on. its like it doesnt cross thier mind that i have shit of
my own i have to deal with, no there problems are more
important and im the one who has to fix it and everything.
io really incredibly hate you all right now and when i say
that i dont want to be in the middle of this they're like
your not but then they ask me to do this, fix this, say
this to that person and frankly im sick of it. figure out
your own fucking problems from now on, cuz im sick of doing
it myself, from now on, the raven advice column is closed
and i dont want to hear another word about it. so HA!!!!