Visions Of Life
2002-04-14 17:57:40 (UTC)

Looking Up Or Is It The Drugs? *laughs*

Well, things seem to be getting better. I dont have to
worry about money so I can focus on finding a job and
saving up money. I spent four hours yesterday in the ER. I
feel so much better because nothing is wrong with me
physically. No infections or anything anyway so once I have
a procedure to get the baby out, I should be fine. I am in
alot of pain tho so they gave me painpills. I see the
doctor on monday. Im on partial bedrest and my boyfriend is
making sure I follow it. He is making sure I follow all
doctors orders including no sex. He is taking such good
care of me and being so sweet. I love him so much.

I am back to being balanced in the head. With everything
falling into place, I feel so much better.

Work is nonexistant but hopefully not for long. Life is
decent. I am very happy.