Yellow Angel

Larmes d'un ange
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2001-05-25 20:11:27 (UTC)

Well, I don t work at the..

Well, I don't work at the picture people anymore. They
haven't called me since I was in to train a week ago and I
really jsut don't want to work with my sister. Plus, I
went up to Carla's today and Zack almost made me cry...he
was like you stay here? and I was like no hunnie you are
going to daddy's and I'm going to work and he was like no,
you stay here I miss you....I was like aawwwww...and Carla
told me that she may need me to babysit a few days during
the week for her which I would love to do. I miss my boys
ssssooooooo much. Plus, I am getting plenty of money at
Lane Bryant. I mean 9 per hour and 25 hours a
week...that's really good. I mean, I don't need a ton of
money...just some so i don't have to keep asking my parents
I feel bad....I don't know...I'm jsut aggravated...with
everything...I have to go to work....I'll be back later....