My Life to Live
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2002-04-14 17:39:46 (UTC)

well i was suposed to have a..

well i was suposed to have a softball tournament and it was
cancled cuz there wasnt enough teams, so now im sittin at
home bein bored and stuff. im mad at my boyfriend cuz he
got drunk and had a hangover like an idiot!!! oh and to top
that off he had to work the next morring!!!! that makes me
soooo mad. anyways he wants to go to the movies and well i
dont so that is the main reason im online (so he cant
call!!) i know thats mean but i dont care he should have
thought about that before he called me complaining about
how bad his morring was cuz he had the hangover!!!!i wish i
had somthing to do so i can leave and not have to deal with
him right now or today!!i was talkin to my friend corey but
he had to go do somthin and he said hed be right back, i
hope so cuz hes really fun to talk to!! well hes back now
so i guess ill write later