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2002-04-14 17:18:02 (UTC)


I stayed home this monday and me and my dad got into some
fights about that and on tuesday about something so he came
home and told me i was grounded for 2 weeks. I was thinking
how much that is gonna suck, cause i've been missing
EVERYONE a lot lately and i haven't gotten to talk to them
enough as it is,now i'm grounded. Well i was talking to him
yesterday and girl from one of my classes wanted to go do
something this weekend, which was fine with me except i am
grounded and i told my dad i didn't answer when she called
(cause i'm not really supposed to be on the phone) cause i
coudln't do anything with her and he goes why not? and i
was like cause i'm grounded... and he was all OH YEAH!
nothing like my mom who remembers every second of every day
when i would be grounded. lol. my mom. :) and then he was
like yeah well i guesss thats why. so he's gone right now
to get his hair cut and we are going shopping today cause i
need some clothes. I got to talk to Joe last night though.
My dad like passed out on the couch and Joe called so i
talked to him for awhile and when i heard my dad get up i
had to get off the phone. Oh well, i needed to talk to joe
though,i hadn't talked to him since the day i stayed home.
Ok well i gotta go now.

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