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2002-04-14 17:13:26 (UTC)

It's been awhile

Damn i have so much to write. I had a crazy dream last
night but i won't go into it! Ok last weekend Beth came
over and when we picked her up and on the way back from her
house i fell asleep on her leg while she was playing with
my hair. I was tired, and she got me a shirt it's really
cute. Ok well we went to the Earth Day Festival on Saturday
and it was so much damn fun, I had been waiting for that
for so long! I loved it. When we got there we had to go get
close to the stage cause the first band was about to start,
Then REMY ZERO came on, oh my god! I love them! I loved
them before but seeing them live totally intensified it. (i
just got their cd yesterday it's really good i reccomend it)
and they do a GREAT show! I'm serious. well we were jumping
and smiling at the really hot drummer and he stood up and
pointed at us, and we were like oh yeah. Then my Cinjun
came onstage,and uh he's my kinda guy.Then the guitarist
leslie came up to the end of the stage and was playing real
intensely but he looked up and he wasn't smiling so i gave
him a great big smile and he gave me one back,it was
awesome.They're great! they really are. Then i was about to
fall over i was so tired from standing and stuff cause they
had like intermissions before the next band and natalie
imbruglia was coming on next so me and beth decided to go
get something to eat and drink and go find my dad and just
chill for awhile before we went back. Then she went on and
we were all sitting on the hill drinking strawberry
daquiris and eating food. It was great. Well before we
found my dad i saw this real hot guy sitting beside this
tent so i went up and asked him if he had a cell phone i
could use and all this time i'm trying to act cute and shit
and about 5 minutes after we used his phone and stuff i get
out my makeup and i have this big chunk of somethhing black
on the side of my mouth. I was like thanks beth for telling
me i had your damn hamburger on my mouth and she was like i
didn't see, she wasn't very attentive when it came to me.
LoL...anyways this is getting too long...ok well then we
were going back towards the stage to watch sugar ray and i
was like hey wouldn't it be cool if he got offstage and ran
through the crowd and he turned around and jumped offstage
and RAN THROUGH THE CROWD, not just some of the crowd but
the ENTIRE crowd, I was thinking what a cool guy for doing
that. I got pics of him and the band all up close nad
everything, it was great. I tore my room apart the other
night cause i thought i lost the pictures but eventually
found them in the first place i looked (my bag) and
anyways...yeah the fest was great,i'm going next year and
it will be great. Ok well that's all i'm gonna write in
this one. Later-KK

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