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2002-04-14 14:43:15 (UTC)

Away for a While

I'm back now and will try to play catch-up with what's
happened in the past two weeks or so.

I'd been troubled by a persistent dry cough, sometimes
severe, for several weeks when I mentioned it to my family
doctor during a routine blood pressure check-up. I was
referred to a lung specialist who scheduled me for
pulmonary lung function tests. From what the technician
told me and what I've read, I think I'll probably be
diagnosed with asthma. The key is that using the inhalor
really made a difference in my breathing. I hadn't realized
that one could have asthma without wheezing but apparently
it's so. There's a variant whose symptom is mainly
coughing. I'll get the official diagnosis on Friday when I
have a follow-up appointment with the lung doctor.

Because of this and because it's now taking two different
medicines to keep my high blood pressure under control, I've
begun a weight loss and exercise regimen. I've eating low
fat, low calorie and taking a brisk, 30 minute minimum walk
every day. I am happy to say this is already having some

Now if you've read this journal for any time at all you know
I love to cook and bake and I'm still doing that just not
quite as much and I'm not eating it. This isn't as hard as
it seems. I'm baking things like strawberry-rhubarb pie
which John and the boys love and I don't like at all so
there's no temptation there. Instead of bacon and eggs in
the morning they're eating corned beef hash (which I also
don't like) and eggs and I'm eating oatmeal which I do
like. I've switched to whole wheat bread and because I'm
drinking less milk I've added calcium tablets and a

I'm probably not going to spend much time talking about food
and exercise as I think it's probably one of the most boring
subjects that exists but when I do reach some significant
goals I'll be certain to do a little boasting about it.
I've been spending much too much time in doctor's offices
lately, mostly routine maintenance kinds of things-
mammogram, Pap smear, blood pressure checks and there are
more in the offering--field vision test (for glaucoma) and
teeth checkup and cleaning (which has been postponed
twice--once by me and once by the dentist) and I'll be glad
when it's done and I can go back to more important things.