Meshed Up
2002-04-14 12:05:24 (UTC)

heaven, hell, geniuses and kurt cobain

i have this fondness of putting up lines, quotes, and
conversations up on the net. i pick them up from everyday

characters I:

BEN - atheist; believes that paganism is the most
economical religion because there is division of
labor; loves counterstrike and starcraft

ME - christian; believes in the omnipotence of God; sucks
at counterstrike and starcraft

FREDDY - steadfast christian; ben's future housemate; loves
counterstrike and starcraft

conversation I:

BEN: forget church. it's not real. contemporize man.

ME: church helps me 'connect' to god...i'm already far far
away from him...gotta try to make my way back.

BEN: well i wonder if i should go to church with freddy.

ME: haha. why not give it a shot? it won't hurt ya. but
sometimes, church is full of crap. but still...i would
never give up my faith for anything...even if the church
is full of crap.

BEN: crazy.

ME: nahh. just faithful. go to church yah?

BEN: maybe when i move in with freddy.

ME: lolz. r u serious? i've always seen you as someone who
would never set foot in a church.

BEN: just because i wanna play counterstrike with freddy in

ME: all the more reason to go to church.

BEN: i bet the killer from hell would probably woop the
wussy heaven boys.

ME: probably. but he would be too busy burning.

BEN: nah. when we die, we don't get pain receptors.

characters II:

SIR - the teacher, the mentor, the wise

ME - the student, the listener, the learner

conversation II:

SIR: someday, somewhere, an ocean has its meaning but not
everyone will embrace it. they like watching it, but
they don't like to swim in it.

ME: is it because man was just created to be that way?

SIR: your potential, candice. limited only by one person.
you. that reminds me of jonathan livingstone seagull.

ME: i don't know if that's an insult or a compliment.

SIR: it is a plain statement. not a compliment. definitely
not an insult. but there is a genius in you and you
must recognize that.

ME: i will recognize that i am a genius when i do become a

SIR: you will become one the moment you recognize it. it is
already there.

ME: but how can i recognize that i'm a genius when there
are still so many things that i don't understand and
don't know?

SIR: gift. talent. power. a genius does not know everything.
he knows that. that's why he is trying to understand.
don't you see that in you?

ME: i feel stupid and contagious. here we are now...
entertain us. hehe lines from the song 'smells like
teen spirit.'

SIR: what does that mean?

ME: it's from the band nirvana. singer kurt cobain. the guy
who shot himself. i'm sure you've heard about the song
before. it's mainly about how the world is all about
commercialism...and abt all sorts of things as well.

SIR: you're really deep huh. your kind of music tells so
much of you.

ME: i'm not as deep as you think.

SIR: maybe you are not as deep as you believe you are. i am
no judge of anything, much more of music. but the song
is the man.

ME: you've heard of kurt cobain right?

SIR: who's he? i am senile, remind me please.

ME: kurt cobain was the singer of the band nirvana. he was a
great man...great writer and artist too...but
emotionally...distraught... he hated himself too much.

SIR: that sounds like you're seeing yourself in him.

ME: noo..i don't see myself in him. well..not entirely.

SIR: not entirely. of course. you are you.

ME: one reason why i prefer rock songs to pop songs..they're
deeper and much more poetic. pop songs hardly (if not
all the time) have any depth.

SIR: because they are pop songs (popular music) - that which
the majority of the populace buy.

ME: they say rock songs are demonic.

SIR: demonic. yeah it sounds. and why. because...

ME: not all rock songs sound demonic...

SIR: once you have a discerning ear.

ME: you do understand me.

SIR: the truth is, each of them represent a certain kind of
ideology which the dominating culture could not simply

ME: yes. because they don't understand it.

SIR: and there will never be a time that it can be
understood. when the time comes, a new ideology will