Steva's Life
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2002-04-14 11:28:58 (UTC)


Ok well, I had a wonderful time in london, as most of
you knew i was supposed to stay there for 2 weeks but
being alone becuase of someone backing out of the trip, I
felt lonly, I did alot of theater and toured around and
went to stonehenge, witch is closing this month to the
public so i was one of the last couple of groups to see
it, The only way you can get up there is if you rent a
car, Drive up and then park 4 miles away and then walk
over. All the roads that are near it are being closed,
its just due to the amount of people going to it and the
cars and all that, and its shaking the rocks and the
rocks have begun to fall and we don't want that to happen
now do we.... But if you get the chance this month go see
stonehenge, its really not that interesting, its just
saying you went.
Dissapointing news, jeff's coming to ny ::YEY:: and then
we were origanally going to see rent on the 26th, but they
changed it... unfortunetly... I don't know how i'm gonna
get tickets if i still really want to go, i might ask
matty to pick me up one.... I don't know... i miss
matt... :'( I get a double dose of matt's on Monday,
Becuase of matt's gig, and then there's my matt ;-) well
he's not mine yet but i'm hoping for feture with him...
but who know's.... time will tell...
Well i got to see this show called Taboo, its was
virtually Amazing, the set was amazing, the theater was
perfet for it. It was like a double stage, like upper and
lower, because part of the set was set in a bar/caberet
area, so the upper part was used for the performances and
then they were also used for the main staged stuff, The
main story was around boy george, and his life, Witch was
really interesting... The story was a Boy who was living
with his parents and he loved photography and wanted to
persue it, but his parents would not help him in any way
with that. So his father and him got in to a fight and
then he went to his room and got some clothing and then
walked out, there was a great song with his mother and
him. Then he walks out and down through the bad part of
london, like strip clubs and whore's ;-) ::you know who
you are:: And then he meets up with Boy George there,
that was before he was famouse, and then he goes in to the
club with george, and then they talk and sing, and then
The boy takes picture's and stuff, and then he meets up
with this drag queen and they get to know eatchother and
then The boy meets a Girl and they fall in love and then
he decides to go in to the drag thing and the girl didn't
like that, and then his mother came to the big
performance witch was a fashon show, and The boy comes
out and his mother freeks out, and the girl he's in love
with doesent like it so she runs out and his mother yells
at hime and then goes after the girl, and then george
tryes to change him back witch he does and since george is
on A drug, He promises The boy that he can take picture's
for the band, The band goes in and records a couple of
songs "Do you really want to hert me " "sigh great song"
And then when George is sober the boy get to the apt and
george is denieing anything and everything, and then a
friend of georges "Marilan" Decides to get the boy to do
photography for her"him" so he does and george freeks
out, and then the boy goes behind georges back and writes
a story about His Drug problem and he ends up going to
jail and wile this is happening there is a group of people
freeking out over the #1 hit by Boy George! :-) So Then
the end is somthing you have ot see its really not that
easy to describe so i'm not gonna try,.....

Well With that out i'm happy... I loooooooooooooved that
show. its supposed to come on tour and it will probly
come through NY, so Lets home so, its a really tuff show
to do in a normal theater becuase there is a bar in the
thaetear but its on the lower part of the stage and its
used in the show though out because the caberet thaeter is
next to the bar but its reallllllllllllllllllllly good!
Amazing lighting and the great thing about the show is
all the costumes for it are/were boy geroges!!!!!!!! OMG!!!

Well back to london, I never got to do everything i
wanted to do, But i know that i'm going back next year
with jeff and possable matt, so lets hope all goes well!!
Because i love london so i want to go back and i know jeff
would like it.

I'm sorry i havent written much, due to Minimal Useage of
a computer/internet useage, But now i'm back.

I finally talked my mother in to seeing Shakespear
abridged YEY!!! she's seeing it tonight, and then were
seeing mamma mia and then noises off "AMAZING SHOW" I
might try to get tickets for when jeff's here... becuase
he's wanted to see it... or we'll have to wait till next
fall.... :-/ witch i'd never be able to do... i know were
doing Metemorphises witch i'm realllllllllllllly excited
about becuase my mother hasent seen it and i want her to
see it so YEY!

Well Now that i'm back if you want to hang out tell me!
and we'll plan somthing.

See you soon

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