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2002-04-14 09:38:08 (UTC)


Ok, so... last time i updated i ended up cursing technology
H for about five minutes after the computer crashed, just
U as i was posting my entry. Damn, if I could prove a
G plausible case I would say that the world was plotting
against me... but that would be paranoid, and you don't
A think I'm paranoid... do you??? Huh?? Do you?? Anyway,
the entry I had written was great, all angsty and sh*t...
D but I don't remember it now.
A Its a bugger- the list of people I've officially
I either pissed off or lost contact with is growing
s progressively longer. Well hey, if you're out there and
Y reading this, no offense intended. Especially my
friends from COM. Damn, really, I do miss you guys. Don't
despair though, I'm coming back soon. So either change your
names and go into hiding, or smile when i return. ;)
Hopefully the latter. And Kieran... pleeease get your
passenger door fixed, for the sake of all those
naieve/stupid people riding in that seat while you're
driving! :) (myself included) Or is it a convenient way of
quickly, and efficiently getting rid of them if they start
to annoy you? "yeah, hey, could you roll your window
And just as suddenly as I wanted to write this, I got
tired. I'm now going to bed.. More later.