Marco Jacksonovic

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2002-04-14 09:17:23 (UTC)

The Kindness Of A Good Word

Yesterday (Saturday) was a triumph. Finally, after 7 years
of being screwed royally by a football club that has proved
itself as incapable of dealing with even the most minor of
pressure without capitulating beyond all recgnition,
Huddersfield Town cemented a target toward which they had
been working since August, a total of 9 months, and with it
bestowed joy and freedom upon a town that since 1995 had
known only despair and misery. That's right, folks. We made
the play-offs.

On such a good day as this, it was only right that it
should rain as we were playing football afterward, and only
right, too, that people should fall amusingly on the slippy
grass - this is heightened by the tentative running style
that allows no reprieve should balance be lost.

On such a good day as this, it is only right that a good
many of your friends and yourself should re-unite for the
consumption of fine ales and chat and joke about those
things that for a month have been the focus of their

On such a good day as this, it is only fair that I should
buy my own milk, rather than continuing to skank milk off
of those whom I live with.

On such a good day as today, I have phoned my grandfather
to wish a happy 83rd birthday, and as he enters his new
year, he was overjoyed that I should take the time out of
my life to acknowledge it. I felt somewhat guilty - I have
no real reason, I keep in particularly good contact with my
maternal grandparents, I try to see them once a week when
I'm at home, I speak to them on the phone when I need (or
want) to tell them something, and feel confident that they
know me better than any of their other grandchildren
(except those who are young). So I shouldn't feel guilty.
Maybe it isn't guilt, but a feeling I'm unaccustomed to.
How shall I know?

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