a watercolour stain
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2002-04-14 07:19:23 (UTC)

well, isaac was supposed to..

well, isaac was supposed to work open to close today. he
told me he was going to try to get off early. i figured
yeah right. i called there around 5 and the girl that
answered the phone said he'd already left for the day. so
i waited...sometime after 7 he called from his cell, saying
he'd be home in an hour. he decided to go to some guys
house to hang out or something. hm. i finally talked him
into going to the grocery store. we went and came back and
just sat around and watched a movie. he stripped down to
his boxers and said he was going to bed. i went to get on
the computer. he decided to lie in bed and read for
awhile. around 1:30, a car pulled up outside and started
honking the horn. i peered out, but couldn't really see
cause the light was on. i turned off the light and looked
again. there was a guy standing outside the car waving his
arms at me. i opened the window and a yell came up to me.
it was t.j.! he was on his way home and decided to stop
over. *swoon* that boy has such a nice smile. *girlish
giggle* so we all just talked for awhile. nothing nothing
nothing going on. i'm soo bored. uck.

~V stardust

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