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2001-05-25 16:26:39 (UTC)


diary that day when I forgot how to spell blue because
we'd been doing french for a few months and it all seemed
so confusing or when we all sang "Beautiful stranger" while
walking down the field, that time that we walked around on
those logs and tried to avoid falling off, though Scarlett
failed miserably and ended up sprawled there like she'd
suddenly died and falen on to the grassy ground, green, dry
and hot...

I like those kind of descriptions, little bits of me that
are inprinted on my memory like a lovers initials in the
bark of a tree. Today was the lasy day of school, but I
think that our half term started later than everyone elses
because there was very little traffic on the way to school.

I have good grades, but that's because we haven't done the
exams, the awful exams like a predicted black death
staining my calender, if I had written it in red then it
would have been blood red.

**I'm going away to the land where faries play catch with
dew drops and sing songs that remind me of you**

I think the poet inside of me is about to come flowing out
of me, I'd better arm myself with a pen and piece of paper
before its to late.


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