bay turtle

This is Reality?
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2001-05-25 16:07:06 (UTC)


My resources are exhausted.

I've had to many things to do this year- both in school and

I look forward to vacations all year, and then as soon as
we get a three-day weekend, I spend it working around the

I'm caught in a viscious cycle. I have so many projects
that I've started, but not been able to complete.

Like that "short" story that I started writing about this
time last year.

Still not even close to being done editing. I just ahve to
buckle down and edit. If i can get started, I'll be fine. I
just have to start. If only I had some motivation to get it
done, you know? My goal is to have it done by May 31.Seeing
as today is the 25th, and I have four chapters (each about
20 pages typed) left.

I'm so tired. I am physicall exhausted, and mentally worn
out. I'm bored out of my mind, and there's nothign I can do
to remedy that. I can't go anywhere (even if I had a car
and liscense) because I can't leave the house today.
Tomorrow I'll most likely go to the beach with mom and the
boys (oh joy), sunday church and family BBQ, monday I'll
work on my history project. Tuesday I go back to school.

Just wait and see if that doesn't happen. Just you wait and
see. That's how things always go.

I'm so so sick of being stuck in this rut.

I go running, and then come home and eat chocolate cake wth
buttercream icing. I say I'll start my homework, and then I
fall asleep while taking out my books. I go to practice
willingly and then spend the whole time thinking about how
much I'd rather be doing soemthing else.