my adventures
2001-05-25 15:40:34 (UTC)


as usual i'm really bored at work, the only thing that saves
me is that i can get online and sound off on whatever. my
sister is coming to visit me this weekend, she's graduating
from high school in a month or so and she's really excited.
she's come to see me alot lately, i think because when she
comes up here she feels freer than when she's home. its
cool though because lately we've gotten along much much
better, i think mainly because we don't live together
anymore, and haven't now for a few years, we're removed
enough to care alot but not too removed. so yeah she's
coming up, she wanted to hang out with doug and kevin but
they're going to the ocean and so is liz and my roommate's
gonna be working all weekend, so we're gonna have to hang
out with dominic all weekend, which is cool because she likes him too, i mean they get along well. and dom's roommates invited me
over anyway. . .i just know she's gonna be really dissapointed because she was counting on seeing doug especially. i can't believe
that i'm getting paid to sit here and write in this stupid diary.
i keep thinking of all these things that i want to do this summer, like projects and stuff, but i'm not sure how to start anything. for
instance, i need to refinish two pieces of furniture, both of which i have to strip first and then sand and then one i am painting and the
otheri'm staining. i don't really have the money, and i want to sew a bunch of clothes but i don't really have timeduring the week
because usually i have ten hour days and then all i want to do is sleep. i should just whine more. . . i seem to whine so much more
since i've been getting older i don't really understand how that happens. oh and one of dom's roommates came in to visit me at work
yesterday, it was really bizarre, cuz this guy just doesn't visit me. . . he's in a serious realtionship so i'm sure its nothing weird like
that, but i mean, it was kind of cool that he just decided on a whim to come see me and that's when he invited me over. . . i don't
know what to make of that really, he also works on campus so i guess its not as weird as i was making it out to be, but i didn't really
even think we were friends and all of a sudden! oh well.