2002-04-14 04:34:56 (UTC)


Rain, rain go away please don't come next Saturday. Yep,
the rain has not stopped yet. True enough, April showers
bring May flowers, but please don't come pouring down on
the 20th. I want the sun to be out bright and the temp to
be pleasant. The day has to be a delight. Anyway, I didn't
go out tonite because of the weather. Plus, I couldn't
really think of anything that I wanted to do. Oh this is so
boring. Have you ever felt that you didn't belong in a
certain place? I feel like I'm not suppose to be here. I
just feel really weird about stuff lately. I look at
people, who I thought were open-minded and real, but I
don't see that in them anymore. I now see narrow-minded
people. No one is up for anything. I thought about going
some where for the summer, but I kind of counted that out
because I knew my mother would want me to be home before I
go off. BUT I gotta change scenery or something! I might go
to Summerville for a minute. I talked to my best friend,
Shica, a few days ago. We talked for like almost two hours.
Man, I can't believe so many people still remember me and
ask about me. Nick is still asking about me. I haven't
talked to him in forever. One day last year, he called me
out of the blue. Man, I remember how me and Nick use to be.
I know it was just this lil middle school thing, but he was
what Leroy was to me.....just not as serious. As where sex
was the issue w/ Leroy.....kissing was w/ Nick. I remember
the first time I kissed him. It was the Valentine's Dance
and I was in the 7th grade. It was raining and I was
waiting for my mother to pick me up. That was my first
french kiss. Even when he went on to high school, he always
had his eye on me. I never had to worry about females
messing with me or anything because his cousin(girl cousin)
would handle everything. He cared about me and for some
reason....I know he still does. Shica told me that every
time she sees him, he asks about me. It was a given that if
I would have went to SHS, I would have been with him. It's
funny how you forget things dealing w/ other people, but
you never forget the people or things that set milestones
in your life. *J*