Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
2000-12-20 13:11:28 (UTC)

Hey! Well not alot happened..

Well not alot happened since yesterday! I went home and
wrote an essay! Then Chris rang half an hour late! But it
was cool coz he liked the backing tracks I made for him AND
he was playing th party dances down the phone which made me
want to be back at cbay!!
I also rang Kathryn, another bud from cbay earlier that
night, which was cool, and then I rang Susie!! So an
eventful night all in all!
I just got asked out by some year 11 kiddy which was quite
funny! Oh well...too many men on the go already!!
I decided to make this shorter coz a friend said that if
it's long then it will lose the readers interest, so thats
why this is short. Sorry, that wasn't very well explained!
Okay, must go,