my life (as told by me)
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2002-04-14 04:15:43 (UTC)

the positives and negatives of me.....

well now it's the 13th. and i'm at this like um crossroad
in my life. two roads ahead of me, and i have no clue where
i'm gonna turn next. first thing first. britt and me got
things worked out. i'm glad that we did, but i think i did
something wrong, like something could've been changed in
the process. but either way, things are cool with us. well
in my eyes they are, and i feel so much better about it.
she was open with me, and how i see it is that at least she
was comfortable telling me what was on her mind. i love her
to pieces. she's become like a sister to me. and i dont
want to lose her. i'm not about to let her go that easily.
second thing. kim...i dunno what happened there, but our
friendship is slowly falling apart and turning into little
bits of dust that the wind is carrying away. it's scary how
a friendship that started in kindergarten can end like
this....i think it's mostly my fault considering i got sick
of her running my life and told her off. she always judges
what i do, and tells me what to do and not to do. i dont
need her living my life for me. that's just now how i work.
i want to live the way i want to live....third thing...i
once again fucked up in the guy department. there is
something i wanna say to him too. so i'm going to end this
by saying it here, and i just hope he reads this.....kurt,
i fell for you. i dont know how, but i did. it's amazing,
considering i've hardly known you for that long. but still,
i turned around and fell for you, and i probably shouldnt
have. now, i know you like jenica and all, so i dont want
to push anything with you. i dont want to make things more
uncomfortable. you know how i feel now, and only you know
how you feel about all of this. i'm saying this to you not
hoping anything will come of it, but hoping you will
understand where i'm coming from. all i'm asking of you, is
this....even though you like jenica, there still are other
girls out there. i'm standing here, falling for you right
before your eyes. and i dont know if you've noticed that at
all....but i'm asking you for a chance kurt.....just one