2002-04-14 03:45:25 (UTC)

Stupid people

I don't understand People. Theres a guy at my work *Name
for now **BOB** He's a really good kid and all but he is
trying way to hard. He usaually doesn't agre on anything i
say. He Can get on my nerves, when i have had a bad day,
Or im tired. He started an agruement about who was
better. He is 18 and there fore is allowed to work a
little freely b.c of child labor laws, and Rubs it in and i
wuold be doing the same fuckin thing if i were 18, BUT im
NOT 18 yet. Its really stupid to you im sure, But it
makes sense to me. He realyl set me off. I tried to
remain cool about the whole thing but i was like i just
need to get home. I told him to hit me. He wouldn't I
wuoldn't hit him unless he hit me. but I think we both
kinda said things that we shouldn't have. WHY WORK CAUSES
my job and enjoy the people working there He was a
good co worker. He pulls his weight around. But he
Doesn't shut up. Now im in my mood. My quiet little mood
where i will put on some Hootie and the blowfish, Or some
counting Crows, Tonic. Music can put you in a better
mood. One of my Favorite feel good songs would be 'Bent'
By Dezeray's Hammer. No matter WHAT mood i am in, That
song will make me feel alittle better. 'Your winter' is an
amazing song to make you feel better. After this post
i'll sleep for a long tmie and feel alot better. Oh yea
My father is back from his Week long honeymoon with his new
wife and my new step-mother. I really think that he is
unhappy and misirible and thinks that it was a mistake.
but hey i guess that is what you get after meeting the
chick for the first time in Feb. I havn't had a chance to
talk with him about it, But Sad but true i honestly believe
that he married for some ass. Thats disgusting but I
believe it. My father is a workoholic. He drives a truck
and is gone alot. i also believe that this marriage wont
work, and my father will waste another 20 years on
someone. He works toooo hard for this. I feel bad for him
sometimes. I dunno. Anyway im so fucking tired now and
falling asleep so im going to bed