lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-04-14 03:11:01 (UTC)

circles, circles, circles

everything really does move in circles.

crap i was right. josh johnson works at CFS. while i was
there with kristen today, he was working the register.

josh: you know zach, right?

me: yeah, i remember you...i've been to your house and

josh: yeah, cool.

kristen: who's zach?

me: oh, just some guy i knew at cam high. we had a class
together last year. [i didn't add, "he's the kind of guy i
hope to marry someday" or anything like that]

kristen: oh, cool

me: yeah. fellow christian and stuff. it was cool. you
know meghan riedmiller, don't you?

josh: yeah, she sits by me in spanish

me: cool, i need to get an application for her to work here

josh: meghan? ok, cool. i'll get you one, too. ok?

me: nah, i already filled one out earlier this week :-)

josh: oh really? that's cool. see you around.

me: yeah, say hi to zach.

josh: ok. i hope you get the job.

WHOA!!!! do i need this whole thing to come back to
me? i don't know if i'll get the job...probably not, who
knows..? but if i DO, will i survive it? cuz where josh
is, zach is close behind. and zach is...well he's too much
for me to handle. i haven't seen the kid since i went to
visit school in february, and that was weird enough. grrr
i can't keep doing this. getting to know really nice
christian guys is bad for your health!!