Scenes from a Marriage
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2001-05-25 14:54:33 (UTC)

Friday, May 25th

He called the lawyer and made an appointment to get the
paternity test done. That makes me happy, he says he is
just doing it for me as proof he is not the father, but it
is proof I need to stay in this marriage. I still really
think he should be groveling at my feet, doing anything to
make me trust him again. It is going to cost a whole weeks
pay for the lawyer and the test, but it will be worth it
for the peace of mind. I am going to be so mad if we go
through all this and spend $700, and it turns out to be
just a big lie on her part.

The book by Dr. Phil on realtionship rescue is good, I need
to start a journal and start answering the questions that
it tells you to answer to begin to evaluate your
realtionship. I know what I am going to find, I am going
to find that I am in a horrible unsatisfying marriage with
someone who has some serious mental problems. I mean the
therapist keeps telling me he make bad choices because of
his ADHD and OCD, but that seems like such a crutch to lean
on. It just seem like such an excuse. I mean we all make
bad choices and we have to live with the consequences they