Fazzy's Memoires....
2002-04-14 01:52:02 (UTC)


Today i aint in a good moood... why ?

Cause people are ignoring me for some reasons.... I sent
messages to several people on my Icq list... all of whom
are online and not in ( not available mode ). and... What
did i get... No answers... This is really pissing me off as
my computer time is very limited lately. When i get online
i'd love to talk to my friends.. or... i guess.. soo called

Plus with all of this, i learned that the college i
applied too for the course of paramedic as a waiting list.
so chances are i wont get accepted in the course this year.
*sigh* Why is my life sooo fucked up... What did i do to
deserve this ????

Who knows....